Xin Restaurant presents modern Chinese cuisine infused with familiar flavour nuances derived from a diversity of culinary techniques. Here, ingredients that are not commonly associated with the Chinese kitchen are artfully made into the most decadent of flavours, redefining what it means to be cooking on the boundaries of tradition and innovation, and of East and West.


To call it “fusion” is an understatement. It’s Chinese with a twist where classic meets contemporary. A curated menu that encourages diners to select from an array of beautifully presented, unpretentious food, and fine selection of wines.  An epicure’s dream come true. And to round off the gastronomic experience, the restaurant offers a collection of exquisite Chinese teas obtained from obscure purveyors.


In a nutshell, Xin Restaurant is an artistry of contemporary Chinese cuisine – a showcase of modern and inventive approach in culinary creations. With more than divine pleasures on the palate, but also on the olfactory front – Xin Restaurant accentuates the full sensory potential of every dish to ensure that the aroma and flavor are well-executed with style and elegance.


Role: Branding


Logo Concept:

Inspired by classic decorative motifs 中式古典花纹 and the tea tray used in Chinese tea artistry, the logo is a reduction of the modern lines and shapes seen in various tea wares. The Chinese character 馨, itself bearing the meaning of fragrance and a nod to treasuring origins, is drawn with connecting lines to indicate the continuity of classic and contemporary.