Creating an online presence:

Titch is an interior textile manufacturing company, based in Singapore with sales offices in major Asian cities. The original website did not contain much information about the company and displayed products were outdated, causing a lot of missed business opportunities over the years. The website needed to be refreshed visually to support the high-quality nature of the company’s products and reposition Titch as a dynamic company with on-trend products that are continually updated. The redesigned website serves as an informational resource and product portfolio that can be accessed by overseas staff as sales tool, as well as potential customers.


Driving awareness of product portfolio:

The redesigned website is set up to provide an easy way for consumers to interact with the brand, by reworking the site architecture and creating content areas that are product-focused. New product photography is introduced and added to enhance Titch’s brand image, while an interactive Flash animation section, where users can drag and drop textile swatches onto interior mockup scenes, is installed to communicate product application. 


Scalability via back-end management:

It is imperative for Titch to grow the website and continually add new inventory with ease. A Web Content Management System (WCMS) engineered to dynamically generate new product pages is custom-created and implemented on the backend, to enable Titch build additional website content without any technical web development know-how. With this new solution, an unlimited number of product pages can be created easily and product images, along with specifications, are instantly updated on the website.


Role: Web Design