Creating an identity:

The first step to establish a new branding direction for Dr. Jonathan Lee is to conceive a representative mark. Dr. Lee needed a bold mark that communicates professionalism and expertise in the practice of hand and reconstructive microsurgery. This mark depicts a stylized hand, with fingers made up of shapes that abstractly suggest Dr. Lee’s initials. A color scheme — a palette of rich blues and deep greens, is then established to convey a sense of confidence, professionalism, friendliness, and trust. A custom tagline “Put the care of your hands in ours” is created to tie-in Dr. Lee’s area of surgical practice and his professional commitment to the care and well-being of his patients.  


Reinforcing the brand:

The original website was generic looking, outdated, and ineffective in creating a strong brand presence online to instil confidence in Dr. Lee’s potential patients. Working off the direction that Dr. Lee is an expert in his practice, new content such as his publications and active participation in the field of hand surgery is added to the website. User-interaction is made available by providing a web form for patients to make appointments and contact Dr. Lee. Selective stock photography of surgical scenes are deliberately cropped close-up to create a visually striking but non-intimidating image.  Other client-provided images are also carefully selected to match the color tone of the brand's new art direction. The site is designed in the brand’s color scheme to further reinforce the professional image of Dr. Jonathan Lee.


Role: Branding, Web Design