F&G Food Pte Ltd Singapore, began in 2007 and has since grown in reputation for its quality and tasty products. Golden Palm Chinese sausages, the company's signature product line, was awarded the Promising Brands award in the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2014. In order to refresh the brand image befitting its new award-winning status, our studio shot an entire series of new product photography, including contemporary food styling featuring the company’s star products and their suggested servings.


To build brand awareness and affinity with its customers, three corporate videos are filmed and produced to tell the story of how the sausages are made in the factory, how a professional chef in the kitchen creates avant-garde dishes using the brand’s sausages, and a demonstration of the classic claypot rice using Golden Palm’s products in a home kitchen.


Additionally, a couple original recipes were also conceived showcasing these delicious Chinese sausages, promoted on social media channels through blog posts and how-to videos.


Role: Content Creation, Videography

Following the success of Golden Palm Chinese sausages' refreshed product styling, F&G Food introduced a new product line: Santa Fiore western-style sausages and luncheon meats. Our studio was commissioned to style and photograph the client's products.


Role: Content Creation