We flexed major influencer muscle by generating more than S$150,000 revenue for this client through the conversion of over 100 new customer sign-ups. This unprecendented success for Erabelle's blogger engagement initiative was achieved by publishing a blog advertorial describing their award-winning eyebrow embroidery service. Following which, we also participated in an in-store commercial sharing personal testimonial of the service.


"Moonberry is part of our pioneer blogger engagement initiative, and we cannot be more pleased with our decision. Her dedication towards providing quality and accurate information has made her blog post about Erabelle one of the most popular ones on her site, which in turn kept Erabelle visibly a top eyebrow service provider on the internet. The referral rate from Moonberry has also been one of the most encouraging ones so far. Great job MB!" — Erabelle Marketing Executive


Role: Influencer Marketing