When it comes to social media marketing today, brands can't afford to wing it anymore. While Likes are nice to have, they amount to little more than vanity metrics if they are not resulting in brand retention or meaningful engagement. To build lasting relationships with followers, brand-focused visual strategy and engagement metrics are essential.

We are all a'bao Din Tai Fung Singapore's brand presence on social media!

Through brand storytelling and data-driven methodology, we help Din Tai Fung Singapore raise brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty, and grow an engaged community on social media. Utilizing a combination of thematic posts, buoyant copywriting, and tactical engagement waves, we heighten brand awareness in an increasingly crowded social media space.

Thematic Visuals

Key Monthly Deliverables:

  • Campaign generation

  • Content calendar, production planning, digital assets creation

  • Engagement wave (contest) implementation

  • Feedback management

  • Media buy optimisation and metrics

  • Performance report and competitor analysis